Play Chess Against The Computer (5 levels)

Welcome to the ‘Battle Of Chess‘ Play chess against computer for free –

Start the game by clicking on ‘New Game

NOW, play any move you want & our computer engine Fritz will play against you. Good Luck beating him!


How to Play Chess Against Computer (Fritz) –


There are 5 levels of our AI-based computer engine. Choose what’s best for you:

Levels – Beginner | Amateur | Club Player | Master | Grandmaster

Note: To access all the levels, please find & click on ‘Level’ above & choose accordingly.


Chess With Computer (Other Features)


1. Take Back – It will undo your last move. You can use it to undo your blunder or make a better move.

2. Hint – If you are stuck & need help in between the game, you can use ‘Hint’ to ask us the best move at any position.

3. Offer Draw – You can offer a draw at any time.

4. Notation – With Notation, you can go back to any stage of your game & replay the game to see where exactly you did a mistake. OR, after going back to an early move, you can also change your move & continue your game from there!!

5. Live Book – With Live Book, you can see all the possible moves played by the other players globally with the result & the times a particular move has been played.

6. Flip – You can see the board from your opponent’s view using the flip option.

7. Download or Share – After your game has been completed, you can either download your game as PGN (.pgn) or use the share button to share it with your friends.



Yes. You can play chess against the computer (100% free) on our site but what about improving your game.

Lucky for you, we now provide –

8. Analysis – One other amazing feature we have is ‘Analysis

Click on ‘Level‘ and choose analysis for opening the fritz analysis program. You can use it for training/preparation use for tournaments.

Thanks for visiting. Enjoy playing Chess vs Computer!

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