Rook In Chess

Rook in Chess & How it Moves?

The chess rook is a strong and powerful piece on the chess board.

It can only move horizontally and vertically as long as it doesn’t cross over another chess piece or the edge of the board.

In this article, we will cover what a chess rook is and how it moves so you can make sure to use it effectively during your next game!

Well, let’s get started…


What Is Chess Rook?

Rook: 5 points

When a game starts, each player starts with two rooks. The rooks start on the corners of the chessboard: Whites are on a1 and h1, while Blacks are on a8 and h8.

The only time you’re not able to make moves with your rook is when another chess piece blocking its path, and if you have no open spots available for movement.


How Chess Rook Moves In Chess?

As you know friends, The Rook is the second most powerful element after the queen.

It has strength, mobility, and power that is unrivalled by any other chess piece on the board!

The rook can move in all directions along rank (horizontal lines) or file (vertical line), orthogonally. The Rook moves as follows:

  1. One way to remember how the rook moves is that the pattern looks like a plus sign (+).
  2. The rook can move up to as many squares as it likes, providing its path is not blocked by another piece or a passed pawn. This means they are most powerful when placed on open or semi-open files of the board because they aren’t obstructed by other pieces.


Strategy & Technique Of Rook

In the Game of Chess, the rook is a major piece on the board. Here I will provide some strategies and techniques of how to use this chess piece effectively.

The rook’s inability to move diagonally or skip over pieces means it may be hemmed in for much of the opening.

Castling may seem like a minor move, but it’s actually valuable in many situations. Castling will allow you to connect your rooks (if and when you’re able) which means they’ll have an open-rank between them. This is good for many reasons, including that a connected set of rooks can attack pieces together and fend off a potential attack from the opposing side.



Friends, I hope You Got some good insights on Chess Rook, How to use it while playing chess & some of the common moves of chess Rook.

Have a Good Day! Happy Learning.



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